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Community scientists and researchers need a working knowledge of some basic mathematics. As a mathematician and lifelong mathematics educator I am in a unique position to provide the necessary understanding in a user-friendly manner. This page is the future home of those resources.

Planned resources include:

  • 1.5°C = 2.7°F and other metric conversions

  • Our Remaining Carbon Budget.
    Calculated from the beginning of 2020 the atmosphere can absorb no more than 400 billion metric tonnes (400 Gt) of CO2 if we are to stay below the 2.7°F threshold. Annual emissions of CO2 are estimated to be 42.2 Gt/year, the equivalent of 1,475 tons per second, meaning we have about 7¾ years left to make worldwide dramatic societal changes. Clock it ticking! See right sidebar.

  • Units and unit conversion especially energy units

  • Reading graphs including scatterplots and box-whisker graphs.

  • Much more! What would you find useful? Email us (green mail link in right sidebar.)